Conference Papers

No Nama Pertemuan Ilmiah/ Seminar Judul Artikel Ilmiah Waktu dan Tempat
1 ICRAMET 2017 (Keynote Speaker) Array Antenna Development and Its Application Jakarta, Indonesia 2017
2 ICRAMET 2017 Radiation Pattern Validation of a THz Planar Bow-tie Antenna at Microwave Domain by Scaling Up Technique Jakarta, Indonesia 2017
3 ICRAMET 2017 Bandwidth Improvement with Narrow Wall Slotted Waveguide Antenna Jakarta, Indonesia 2017
4 ISAP 2017 The Effect of Flange Connectors on The Radiation Performance of Narrow Wall Slotted Waveguide Antenna at X-Band Frequency Phuket, Thailand 2017
5 ISAP 2017 L-Band Propagation Measure-ment at Tropical Environment Phuket, Thailand 2017
6 Asia Pasific Microwave Conf. (Invited Speaker) Design of Linear Sparse Array Based on the Taylor Line Source Distribution Element Spacing Kuala Lumpur 2017
7 Progress in Electromagnetic Research (PIERS) Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna for X-Band Dual-Polarized Weather Radar Shanghai, 2016
8 Progress in Electromagnetic Research (PIERS) Radiation Characteristics Of Microstrip Array Antenna For X-Band Radar Application Shanghai, 2016
9 Internat. Symp. on Antenna Propagat. (ISAP) Stretching Method Using Chebyshev Polynomial for Linier Sparse Array Antenna Design Okinawa, 2016
10 IJJSS 2016 Keynote speaker Environmental Impact Of Electromagnetic Fields And Waves Chiba, Japan, 2016
11 Asia Pasific Microwave Conf. (APMC) Design of Integrated Antenna and RF Filter for Rectenna Application New Delhi, India, 2015
12 Asia Pasific Conf. on Antenna Propagat. (APCAP) Eight-Channel Phased Array RF Coils Design for 3T Parallel MRI System Bali, 2015
13 Asia Pasific Conf. on Antenna Propagat. (APCAP) Stretching Strategy to Improve Radiation Performances Sparse Array Design Based on Combinatorial Cyclic Different Sets Approach Bali, 2015
14 Internat. Symp. on Antenna Propagat. (ISAP) Design of Butler Matrix Integrated with Antenna Array for Beam Forming, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 2015
15 Frontier in Terahertz Technology (FTT) 2015 (Invited Speaker) A Revisited on THz Antenna Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Aug. 2015
16 ICEEI 2014 (Keynote Speaker) Malang, Aug. 2014
17 IMWS 2013 A Helical Folded Dipole Antenna for Medical Implant Communication Applications Singapore, Nov. 2013
18 Thai-Japan Microwave Workshop, 2013 Patch Array Antenna for Coastal Surveillance Radar Application Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 2013
19 Asia Pasific Microwave Conf. (APMC) 2013 Side-lobe Level Suppression Using Unequal Four-Way Power Divider for Proximity Coupled Microstrip Antenna Seoul, Korea, Nov. 2013
20 COMNETSAT 2013 Active Integrated Microstrip MIMO Antenna for Gain Enhancement Yogyakarta, Dec. 2013
21 Asia-Pasific Radio Science Conference (AP RASC) Design of Phased Array RF Coils for MRI Applications Taipei, Taiwan 2013
22 2nd Asia Pasific Conf. on Antenna and Propagat. (APCAP) A Multiband Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna Chiang Mai, Thailand, Aug. 2013
23 Quality in Research Conf. 2013 Analytical Approach Of The Radiation Pattern Of The Microstrip Antenna With Single Patch Spiral Resonator (Sr) Structure Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Jun. 2013
24 Internat. Symp. On Antennas and Propagat.(ISAP) Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Array for UAV Application Nanjing, China, Oct. 2013