Welcome To Antenna Propagation & Microwave Research Group

In the Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia, various research activities conducted by several research groups in various fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering. One of the main areas of research in the Department of Electrical Engineering is Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which consists of several research groups in various applications for ICT development in Indonesia.

One group of researchers who continuously conduct research in the field of ICT is Antennas Propagation & Microwave Research Group (AMRG). This research group was formed in 1998 and remains enthusiastic in conducting research on electromagnetic applications in the field of ICT and in other fields, such as biomedical engineering, remote sensing, radar and so on.


"World class research in the area of electromagnetic applications particularly in the antenna, propagation and microwave engineering".

Research Interest

The Antenna Propagation and Microwave research group interests encompass both the theoretical and practical aspects of RF, microwaves, and electromagnetic, with concentration on the research and developments of novel microstrip antenna design for cellular and satellite comunications, UWB components and systems. The research activities have resulted in many novel microwave and microstrip antenna design and systems – contributing to the advances of microwave engineering.